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The main purpose of this privacy notice is to let the users know how we store and deal with their information. Your privacy is important to us and hence it is advisable to read this privacy policy before registering this site

Clixclox collects personal information like username, email address, birth year etc upon registration in order to provide correct delivery of services and to better meet the user expectations

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Users are advised to read the respective privacy policies of the payment processors before hitting the payout button

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It is your sole responsibility to whether to click an advertisement link and browse its content since we are not responsible for any of its contents

We implement very strong security measures to protect your information

Clixclox does not make any implied warranties with regard to the website or services provided through the site and hence the Website will not be liable for any cost or damage arising either directly or indirectly

All users have the right to request the removal of their personal data at any time despite they are ready to close the account

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Users are advised to check the privacy policy frequently as we may update this policy from time to time and any major update will be communicated via the Email address you provided